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CBD MINI LESSONS (7) : Would you drink poison ?

By Hempire Natural Health · Jan 30, 2021
CBD MINI LESSONS (7) : Would you drink poison ? picture


Industrial Hemp , from which cbd , other cannabinoids , terpenes , flavonoids and other chemicals are extracted , is known as a bio-accumulator or bio-remediator. Big words ! This refers to the superior ability of the hemp plant to clean up the ( soil ) environment in which it grows. The plant has been proven to be very efficient at absorbing toxins from the soil , such as radiation , pesticides , herbicides , fungicides , heavy metals ( think arsenic , mercury ) , bacteria , mould and other contaminants.

Hemp has been used to clean up chemical spills .It was used in disaster areas such as the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in The Ukraine ( Soviet Union ).

Some of these harmful toxins may find it's way into the CBD you are consuming.  It is crucially important that you buy CBD products from a credible source , preferably organically farmed , and subject to a rigorous extraction process and laboratory testing. Quality CBD comes at a cost , but could be a life saving matter !


  • CO2 - Supercritical CO2 is the most expensive but preferred method. Carbon dioxide is subject to pressure and temperature to release the beneficial compounds , resulting in a high concentration oil , minimal loss of beneficial compounds and better taste .
  • SOLVENT - cheaper method using ethanol or other hydrocarbons such as butane or propane. Can result in residual solvents , loss of beneficial compounds and bitter , unpleasant taste.
  • OILIVE OIL / STEAM : These methods result in damage or loss of certain compounds , poor taste and makes the product more perishable.

Hempire Natural's Milagro & Qannabliss oils are from organic sources , produced using supercritical CO2 , distilled , winterised , separated , diluted and independently 3rd party laboratory tested.



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